Three common types of door lock tampering

When a burglar wants to break into your house or business, they will always look for weak points like open windows. Beyond that, the most common form of attack is on your door locks. Spotting the signs that someone has interfered with your locks is essential as it may mean that your property has been targeted. As a home or business owner, how do you know if your locks have been tampered with? Here are some of the most common indications that should serve as a warning.

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Picking the lock

When you think about opening a lock without a key, lock picking might be the first tactic that comes to mind. This is a technique that uses small screwdrivers or specialist tools to trip the tumblers and turn the lock.

Burglars like to use this technique because it can be hard to detect. Signs that an attempt has been made to pick your lock are fresh scratch marks or the metal around the keyhole appearing shinier than usual.

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Bumping the lock

Bumping is a fast and easy way to break into a locked property and it requires no special equipment, using everyday tools to hit the lock. However, it does create some noise so the burglar does run the risk of detection.

Signs of a bumping attack are marks or scratches around the lock. In the UK, locks made to British Standard TS007 are resistant to bumping. If you need advice on these from a locksmith Doncaster has several who can help you, including

Brute force attacks

Evidence of a brute force attack should be obvious as it involves physically attacking the lock or door. This might involve drilling the lock or deadbolt, prising the frame with a crowbar or kicking down the door. Signs may include paint scratches, splintered wood, a warped door or bent bolts. Any of these are signs that someone has tried to break in and should be reported to the police.

Any sign of tampering with your locks should be a cue to call a locksmith and look at getting your locks upgraded to make your property more secure. Higher-quality locks are effective at deterring potential intruders, but you should also take other security measures to ensure your property isn’t an easy target.


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