Where can I get free condoms?

Condoms are one of the most effective contraceptives available on the market, but they can also be expensive, especially if you purchase the most well-known brands in small multiples from high street sources. The good news is that there are various places where you can get condoms, without having to pay anything at all.

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The NHS offers free condoms and other sexual health services to people of all ages, for free. Simply visit during opening hours for access to free condoms, useful information and more.


This non-profit’s website is packed full of useful information and tips to help young people, in particular, to stay free from STIs and unwanted pregnancies. One of its most useful features is a searchable product and service finder. Simply add what you are looking for – in this case, condoms, provide a postcode or area and the search will do the rest.

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Your GP

If you visit your GP and ask for free condoms, you will be rewarded with a large stash in a discreet carrier bag, along with leaflets and other sources of advice. At the same time, your GP can answer any questions that you might have about your sexual health too, especially if you are keen to be tested for any possible STIs or want information on how to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Family planning clinics

For free condoms in Bexley, family planning clinics are a great choice. As well as free condoms, they provide the contraceptive pill, guidance and other vital family planning services. Find out more at https://www.pitstopplus.org/.

GUM clinics

GUM and sexual health clinics are confidential, helpful and designed to help people of all ages to manage their sexual health. They offer full, free sexual health screening to test for any STIs and can dispense treatments as needed. They also dispense condoms and plenty of useful information and their staff are total specialists in the field of sexual health. They’re ready to answer all questions you might have about safe sex. Some GUM clinics offer a walk-in service at set times and others will operate on an appointment basis. Many are attached to a local hospital and may even offer satellite services.

So to stay healthy when you have sex, it’s good to know that you don’t have to break the bank to get hold of those essential condoms!

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