7 concert alert services from your favorite music groups

Whether you’re a regular concert attendant or not, you’re sure to never want to miss out on your favorite live band. And considering that 2017 looks great for live music (big bands such as Guns N ‘Roses, Aerosmith, Kiss or Metallica will be touring next year), we have compiled a list with the best Concerts, both mobile and desktop applications.

7 concert alert services from your favorite music groupsBandsintown

Perhaps the most popular is Bandsintown. It has both free app for iOS and Android as desktop version. It is probably more comfortable to use it from your mobile because it has the ability to track your music locally as well as your Spotify or Facebook to create a personalized concert guide. A marvel. You can also manually select which groups you want to track.

When you detect that an artist you may like plays near your city, you will be notified by email or the app and from there you will give you information about the tickets or if friends using Bandsintown have confirmed attendance.

A good thing is that artists have the option of creating a profile in Bandsintown , so it is usually a very effective communication channel for both parties; For the band, that can easily inform news to those interested, and for the attendees, who will be aware of the most recent about the concert to which they will go in the group’s own mouth.


Another popular and veteran that gained popularity by associating with an app at the time within Spotify (although that app disappeared long ago). Follow the same line as Bandsintown, only Songkick emphasizes that “always be the first” to send you an alert about a new concert so you do not run out of tickets.

Otherwise, it also has free apps for iOS and Android as well as desktop version. To customize the alerts, you can do it according to a specific location (here is a lot of noise, because if you do not filter well, it alerts you of all the concerts in your area), causing you to scan your mobile to identify which groups you are interested in, or select it Manually to ensure that your favorite artists do not miss out.

You have notifications in the app, by mail and you can buy the tickets from the platform.


We mentioned earlier about the alliance between Songkick and Spotify, and although there is no longer an own app within the streaming service, there is a tab dedicated to the concerts within the profile in Spotify of each artist.

And what happens if we play at the concert in question? Which takes us directly to Songkick with all the details of the concert. In the example of Aerosmith.

It also works on the mobile version of Spotify and follows the same mechanism, that is, that redirects to the information provided by Songkick. Summary? Spotify is good as an adjunct to know if the artist you are listening to will play next to you, but if you want information at the moment, turn to who provides the service, in this case, Songkick.


Indeed, Facebook is the perfect breeding ground for new concerts. Almost all the bands in the world have a page in this social network and for fans it is already a natural way to keep up with the news of their favorite artists. Thinking about this, Facebook has the Events section.

When accessing Events we will appear by default those events to which our contacts have invited us. Followed by suggestions for subscribing to news events on certain pages, as well as “popular events in your network” (those who are most interested in our contacts) and “popular events nearby” (geological and shows you the most successful ones nearby where are you).

The really interesting thing to be alert to possible concerts is to dedicate some time to subscribe to those pages of groups or promoters that we like. You can take advantage of the suggestions section to expedite the process. Just click on “Subscribe” and you will receive notifications when those responsible for those pages organize events near you:


The famous television and entertainment chain CBS owns Eventful, a platform with version for our browser as well as for iOS and Android.

After registering, you can configure the alerts of the artists you want to receive, but also has an interesting way to explore to know what is cooking around you. It is much more practical if the first time you enter from the smartphone because it will analyze the music of the pages you follow and will be the one that automatically adds to the alerts service.

The main advantage of Eventful before Bandsintown or Sognkick is that it also includes movies, sports, theater and other events, so it is quite complete if you do not just want to watch for concerts. Its paste is that it is in English, although it is quite intuitive and easy to use.


Eventbrite is advertised as “the world’s largest self-service ticketing platform” and the truth is that they are doing a good job around events that are not just concerts, but lectures, seminars, contests, etc. Follow a system similar to Eventful (alerts, subscription, etc.), but with the added attention to detail and the content they offer is more personalized, has a more human touch.

The pages of each event look similar to almost any crowdfunding campaign, and maybe that makes it easier to see the details (because we may be accustomed to that content structure).

Eventbrite is ideal if you want to discover other musical events, beyond the mainstream, which are not usually advertised here. It is also especially useful for professional events and training.

Last FM

Oh, Last FM! With what it was in its day! If you remember, it is a service that records the music you listen to with the famous scrobbles. It is a kind of social network to meet people with the same tastes and say that lived better moments in the past.

Both your desktop version and your mobile app (Android, iOS) continue to focus on recording the music you listen to. But its Events section is very complete and interesting. Although you do not have tools to subscribe or that automatically notifies you of concerts that you do not want to miss, it is a good way to know the upcoming concerts you have in your area. It is one of the most complete “agendas” I know, and is that it is not only limited to large groups, but also to the local scene. The paste? You have to check yourself manually. Hopefully, they will come up with a way to send you notifications of the artists that you listen to or mark as favorites. That’s all he’s missing.

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