How to remove the password from a PDF file

PDF files are a very common option when looking at documents online. They are easy to generate (some office programs like LibreOffice allow export directly to this format) and can be read with any web browser, which has made them perfect for the times that run.

Now, you may have downloaded some PDF file from the Internet and you have not been able to consult it, since it is protected by a password (which, of course, you do not have). In this article we will show you how to skip the PDFs password so that you can read them with complete normality.

In web services is the answer

If we do not know the password of one of these files, all we need is to use a web service to unlock PDFs . There are many available on the net, each with its own particularities, but in essence with a practically identical functioning.

The idea in all is the same: you have to load the PDF from our computer or the cloud (many allow you to import files from Dropbox or Google Drive), give editing permissions and let the service take care of the rest. All this in a matter of seconds, in no way painful or traumatic for the user.

An example of these services is I Love PDF, which has the features we mentioned before : allows you to import files locally or from the cloud, delete the password and then you can download them to your computer, nothing more and nothing less. This particular web does not need you to register to use its service.

Now, you have to take into account that depending on the type of encryption that has been applied to the document you will not be able to unlock the password using these methods. If encryption is very complex, it is best if you know the person who generated the document, ask for the key. With the simplest methods, however, these web services should have no problem.

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