Kodi 64-bit for Windows is already a full version and also comes to Xbox One for the first time

While the first alpha of Kodi for Xbox One makes its arrival, Windows users can finally install a 64-bit version with full functionality and at the same level as the 32-bit version.

Kodi 64-bit was announced mid-year, but it has not been until the last days of 2017 that the team has declared it complete. From now on the installer will include a warning recommending to install the 64-bit version instead of the 32-bit version.

Users have been asking for a 64-bit version of Kodi since 2012, because all the other platforms already had one, and although at that time the benefits were not obvious, in the last couple of years and with the new video formats , it was decided that the time had come.

A 64-bit application will behave better and have better performance, and also opened the way for the arrival of the UWP version, and that is why there is finally an alpha in the Xbox store.

The multimedia center formerly known as XBMC has not stopped growing in popularity in recent years, and the huge amount of add-ons available to enjoy content through this software has made it an objective of the entertainment industry, especially by the Kodi Boxes and add-ons like TVAddons.

At the moment the version for Xbox One has many limitations, you will only have access to what is part of your video and music folders, and although it is just the beginning of the life of Kodi in the Microsoft console, we doubt that it will be so functional as other versions, a Kodi on Xbox with all its accessories is practically a Kodi Box of those who are so persecuted by Hollywood.

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