You can now download Ubuntu 17.10, welcome the return of GNOME

This has been an interesting week for desktop operating systems, we started with a new version of Windows 10, and we can be closed with the release of Ubuntu 17.10 a version of which we have been talking a lot, and for good reasons.

Although a release was expected for October 18, it has not been until today that you can download the ISOs from the stable version from the Ubuntu servers. And by the time we write this article, the Ubuntu Desktopdownloads page still shows Ubuntu 17.04 as its latest version, something that is sure to change in the next few hours.

If you are already on Ubuntu 17.04 you can update your system, although with the mega amount of changes that have been made, I would honestly consider doing a clean installation .

New environment, new graphical server, new login manager

If you have been following our articles on Ubuntu 17.10 you know that many changes are coming. Ubuntu will no longer use Unity as a desktop environment and will go back to GNOME like in the old days.

With Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark a new stage begins, and interestingly we do it starting with the “A” after having completed a complete cycle of naming the distro with each letter of the alphabet.

But it’s not just GNOME, we’ve also moved from Xorg to Wayland, although the first one can still be used if you like. And GDM3 will be the login screen manager and lock screen.

Little changes in relation to what the alpha and beta versions already offered, except in stability and finalized changes. If you want to take a look at most of the news, you can do it in this link. In a few days you will have our analysis thoroughly, because this version does deserve a good review.

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