Spring class projects to try with your class this season

It’s spring at last after what seems like a very long winter.

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There is so much you can do in spring with your pupils, and going outside to explore is just one of the many ways to inspire your class.

With so many natural resources available and new and exciting ways to build learning into your class activities, soon everyone will have a spring in their step.

Coat Pegs

The first thing pupils do when they arrive at school is hang their jackets up on their pegs. Why not get them to create their own personal peg labels by making some spring flowers to stick above their peg and use their photographs as the flower heads?

Group names

If the children are in learning groups or work at specific tables, you could give the groups flower names, colours of the rainbow or even the names of common insects. This will encourage them to make associations with nature and the world around them.

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Everyone believes in the magic of rainbows, and one simple way of bringing a little magic into your classroom is to create a giant rainbow on one of the classroom walls using different coloured scrunched-up tissue paper. This can be a really eye-catching focus point and brighten up any grey days.

Classroom Learning

When planning your springtime classroom, you could ask your pupils for ideas on what to include and write their ideas up on school dry wipe magnetic whiteboards like those available from companies such as https://wedgewhiteboards.co.uk/. This is a great way of teaching children about the seasons.

Another way to incorporate spring into learning is to create a sunshine board. When a child does some good work or displays kindness or perseverance, add their name to the board to show how proud you are of them.

Going Outside

Don’t be scared of the occasional April shower. Children like nothing better than splashing about in puddles, so ask their parents or carers to bring in their wellies and let them discover the wonders of mud. Playing outside is essential for children’s health, happiness and imagination.

Bringing the outdoors inside can be accomplished by creating a classroom display of objects found outside and adding to it as the term goes on.

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