Tool Gift Ideas for DIYers

If you have an avid DIYer in your home, then Christmas is easy as there are numerous tools and bits of kit that make the perfect gift for handymen and women everywhere. Here are some inspiring ideas to make Christmas Day go with a bang (hopefully not as a result of any DIY!)

Powered screwdrivers are highly underrated, but make an incredibly useful and handy tool as a gift. The only negative can be the hunt for the right bit size but some of the newest models, like the Black+Decker 4V  Roto-Bit comes with 8 different with an internal battery that can hold its charge for up to a whopping 18 months!

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A folding portable work bench is another great gift idea for a DIYer to get cracking with any project they desire. A portable work table provides an instant work space wherever you need it. It can be easily stored as it doesn’t take up huge amounts of space. Choose one that opens in seconds and can support up to 1000 pounds to handle any project, big or small.

Notice the frustration of the DIYer who can never find what they’ve stashed in their pocket for safe-keeping? Make life easy for them with a leather tool holder. Strapped on like a holster, there are handy spaces for all those essential tools. Never again will they lose their tape measure, pencil or screwdriver! Some even come with a special plastic shield for the safe-keeping of sharp instruments like knives and chisels.

What about a multi-piece drill bit set? Your handyman or woman need never have to dash out to buy an emergency bit again! Go large with a 90-piece set complete with standard and spade bits, hole saws and screwdriver tips. Everything you need to drill into a variety of surfaces including metal, wood, brick and plastic. For all your Trade accessories, visit

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Every DIYer should have a jigsaw, it’s a must have power tool. Opt for a top name, quality barrel-grip saw with a small size so it’s lightweight and produces more accurate cuts.

A portable flood light is an incredibly useful but often overlooked tool but having one means you can take it anywhere you go and see whatever the conditions. A smart model can adjust to your work environment, changing the light depending on what activity you’re performing. Due to this smart feature, you can also use it in any size work space and provides maximum light when in a high mode, dropping to medium and then low setting.

For those DIYers who spend forever hunting amongst the pile of take-away menus in the junk drawer for their screwdriver, level or ruler – there’s the 5-in-1 tool pen. A genius device that stores all your essentials in one neat gadget. The pen includes a screwdriver, a stylus for use on touchscreen devices, an integrated bubble level, ruler, and pen. Never again will they need to wrestle with that junk drawer!

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