Wedding Fever

It appears that Wedding fever has once again hit the United Kingdom with the news of the engagement of Prince Harry to Megan Markle. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were preparing ourselves for the long-awaited wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. And what a beautiful wedding it was too.

Part of the excitement of hearing the news from Prince Harry, was the British love of Bank Holiday. That dream was soon squashed once the date was rumoured to be a Saturday. The British people love nothing more than an excuse for a long weekend!

So, what will this royal wedding bring? Questions are being asked about what type of dress Megan will wear. Will it be a reflection of Princess Diana’s beautiful gown or something maybe more modern? We know there is a royal tradition that brides will wear white that started with Queen Victoria.

Who will her bridesmaids be? Will Prince George and Princess Charlotte make appearances as a page boy and flower girl? Now that may well just be cuteness overload.

What is certain is that the public will be out in their thousands to try and catch a glimpse of the couple on their big day. All armed with their cameras and mobile phones. Ready to catch the perfect picture. Catching live footage of the event, unlike the wedding of royal predecessors, where the public had to wait to watch the ceremony in black and white on the newsreels in Cinemas about a week later.

William and Kate’s wedding reportedly attracted around a million people on the streets of London watching the ceremony and another two billion watching around the world. This is eclipsed by the two million people who lined the route from Clarence House to Westminster Abbey to see Prince Charles marry Diana Spencer.

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Many of us hope that if we have a chance sighting, or if we are incredibly lucky, a meeting with our favourite celebrity, royal family member or idol that we will perfect the art of the perfect photo. Either the traditional photo or the dreaded selfie. The selfie is definitely an art to be perfected. Prince Harry and Megan will definitely be leaving the photos up to the professionals. But who will the official photographer be, and will a magazine deal be involved in the couples wedding?

Whilst the royal couple are in the wrong location to be looking for a wedding photographer in Bexley. If you are in the area it is worth looking up for your wedding photo needs.

Now, back to the selfie. Prince Harry and Megan have probably perfected this technique, but for those of you still struggling with the concept take a look at the article written by allure on their top tips for the perfect selfie.

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