PixTeller is a free tool that will help you design images for your social networks

PixTeller is a somewhat private service. It has been created by Romanian web designer Alexandru Roznovat, and functions as a kind of fast design studio. For this it has a lot of templates with which you can create stunning images for your social networks in few seconds.

The first step before using this service is to create an account (you can register with Facebook or Google). Once this is done, you will be presented with dozens of pre-made designs that correspond with Facebook covers or with memes for Instagram, to give a few examples.

From here you can start editing. Everything on the screen works as if you were working with a vector graphics editor such as Adobe Illustrator, one of the programs that are part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Creating images with the program is easy and fun, and if you feel like exploring you have to for a few hours.

Registering and using the service is totally free. With the free mode you will be able to edit your own images and the templates, modifying the parameters that you consider appropriate, besides being able to save them in your computer to upload them to the social networks. Of course, each image will have a watermark indicating the place where it was created.

On the other hand, there is a payment part that costs nine dollars a month. What do you get by paying the premium service? Well, basically, remove the watermark from the tool in the images you create and help keep PixTeller running.

As we said before you can work with templates, although you can also create your own design from scratch. Still, in case you want to use the templates you should also know that they are perfectly editable, so if you see something that you like and that only requires a couple of changes, do not hesitate to do so.

Web applications seem like a good solution for, for example, tablet or small notebook users . They will never be able to replace a full-featured design application, but in the case of PixTeller we may be faced with something that allows us to sketch our ideas quickly and share them with equal speed.

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