The best apps you can install on your new Windows 10 computer

If you were given a gift, or you have used the dates to give yourself a new computer, or have just made a new installation of Windows 10 to start the year, one of the first things to do besides feel the smell of toy new, is to install apps, and in Genbeta we do not lack recommendations.

Image editors, mail clients, music and video players, apps to write, organize tasks, exchange messages, manage files, etc. If you need a good software recommendation for Windows, you’ve come to a good place.

Image editors

  • : if you want an easy-to-use editing program with the most basic functions for editing images, is more than enough for many. It is not as powerful as Photoshop, but it is much better than using Windows Paint.
  • GIMP : the open source program probably has a slightly higher learning curve than other simpler programs, but if you learn to use it, you have a very complete and powerful editing tool in your hands.
  • AliveColors : known as the ” Russian Photoshop ” is a program that you can use for free with some limitations and that closely mimics the interface and functions of Photoshop.

Text editors

  • WritePlus : this editor you get in the Microsoft store for the fabulous price of free. It is very beautiful and minimalist and is designed to write without distractions and also supports MarkDown.
  • Notepad ++ : old but good, it is the perfect text editor to replace the unusable Windows notebook for something much more powerful. It is useful to take simple notes, write anything, or even give code if you are a developer.
  • Sublime Text 3 : if you are a programmer this is one of the best code editors available, and you can always use the free evaluation version without a time limit.

Office automation

  • Onlyoffice : if you do not have a Microsoft Office license, you do not have to cry, there are several free alternatives. Onlyoffice may not be the best known, but it offers something unique that others do not: tabbed browsing.
  • LibreOffice : if you are looking for the open source alternative, you can not fail with LibreOffice, especially now that it has significantly improved its compatibility with MS Office documents and also its interface.
  • WPS Office : if you want the alternative clone, the Chinese Office of Kingsoft is an excellent alternative to have edition documents, presentations and free spreadsheets in Windows.

Management of tasks and notes

  • Todoist : it is one of the best options to create to-do lists and save notes. It has synchronization through multiple systems and devices, reminders, priorities, labels, etc.
  • Standard Notes : another option in the Evernote style, a notebook that also has end-to-end encryption and is open source.
  • Joplin : a perfect choice to replace Evernote, also available on mobile devices, with synchronization in the cloud, MarkDown support and also free and open source.

Mail, social networks and messaging

  • Mailspring : native mail apps for Windows as good as this and that are also free you will not get. Mailspring is what Nylas was but improved. An indispensable
  • Franz : all messaging services have their own app and you could install one by one, or just use Franz and have WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, Skype, Telegram, Hangouts, Discord, and more in one place.
  • Station : if you are very web applications and do not use them only for messaging, Station solves everything in one place, mail, calendar, tools and others, up to 300 web services on a single board.
  • Tweeten : the Twitter client for Windows 10 that is worth it. What should be Tweetdeck and is not.
  • Hyper : the unofficial YouTube app for Windows 10.


  • Splashify : beautiful wallpapers in one click.
  • QuickLook : preview files in the browser when you press a key.
  • Monosnap : screenshots as the Lord orders.
  • GifCam : capture of GIFs as the Lord orders.
  • 7zip : compressed file management, use this instead of the eternal WinRar test version.
  • qBittorrent : torrent download manager without additional crap.
  • MPCHC : the best video player for Windows.
  • Spotify special for Windows 10.

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