The best ideas to intensify your burpees

The burpees are an exercise of great intensity and we usually hate but it is really effective to get in shape since we only need our body and allow us to gain strength, burn calories and tone many muscles at the same time. If you already have time with your practice, we show you the best ideas to intensify your burpees and get results.

The first thing: a perfect technique

If you have been training for at least 15 burpees in a row, it is time to introduce some tricks to make them more intense and challenge your muscles as well as see results.

As you can see, the burpees are the union of different movements : a squat to descend the body, an iron that puts the body aligned from head to toe, a flexion of arms and vertical jump afterwards as well as the famous squat thrust that is the previous step to this exercise.

If you can perform each of them with good technique you can also execute burpees correctly, but the key is to join them and return all these movements one and for this, it is essential to work with your simple practice coordination as well as maintaining stabilizing muscles (abdominal) between them) contracted at all times to not lose position, not break the waist and promote the work of the whole body as a whole.

Burpees with displacement

To work even more leg muscles that are activated with the jump to develop its power, we can add to the exercise displacement . That is, instead of making a jump in the place, turn to the opposite side or, move to the side or forward taking a leap in that direction.

By modifying the jump and moving from the place we will work more legs and also, we will activate even more the middle or core area that must be contracted so that the jump is effective and allows us to move.

Burpees with different jumps

The classic exercise the jump is vertical in place, and in addition to move with it we can vary our bupees incorporating another type of jump .

For example, performing jumping jacks, or “X” jump that separates legs and arms in each jump to accentuate the expenditure of calories due to the mobilization of more body parts in each of them.

We could also jump by raising knees to the chest or doing frog jumps or split jump among others that in one way or another add intensity to the muscular work that is already intense with the traditional burpees.

Unstable burpees

If we want more intensity even for the work of the middle area of ​​the body we can add instability to the movement, using for example, balls or bosu for its execution.

With a ball between the hands we begin the movement resting on the ground with it and from there we must hold the position of plank on this surface as well as impel us to climb and make the jump.

It can be a medicine ball , a ball that we have at home or a bosu that we will support from its curved side so that it offers a real instability.

Burpees with cargo

A last alternative to intensify our burpees is to add load to their practice, since when having to mobilize more weight the muscular work will be superior as well as the caloric expenditure.

We can use dumbbells in both hands, weights in the legs, weighted waistcoat or weights for their execution that will undoubtedly be much more demanding for our body.

If you are looking for more intense and effective burpees , here are some ideas to vary the exercise that, in itself, offers great results when looking for a body in shape.

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